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Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the
environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-Satellite
. Moreover, it is expected that administrative authorities and scientifically related institutes and competent agencies will show much interest in the results of the ECO-Satellite action. The user-friendly, easily expandable ECO-Satellite web-GIS System could serve as the basic tool for the environmental monitoring, protection and preservation of the Black Sea system.


In the frame of the project, numerous potential groups and various end-users and beneficiaries of the system can be generally ranged in the following categories: Users in scientific – research level: Research and higher education institutions, Institutes of Geological, River and Marine Research, Land Planners, City Planners, Natural Risk Managers, Environmentalists, Foresters, Environmental Engineers, Marine scientists, Coastal Engineers, etc.


Users in public services and organizations: Ministries for the Environment, Land Planning and Public Works, Ministries of Agriculture and Forests, Master Plan and Environmental Protection Organizations, Regional Administration, Local Authorities Organizations, Emergency Planning and Protection Organizations, Public Enterprises for Urban Planning and Housing, NGOs active in environmental protection and conservation, etc. The final beneficiaries include citizens, fishermen, farmers and ecotourists.